New C64 GAME 2020 The isle of the cursed Prophet

If you are into the old Zelda Games you cant come around this. After a supherb intro scene you come on the isle of the cursed prophet and you can start exploring the isle. you find a key in the first house so now to find the right door for this key. exploring and finding clues while animals are attacking you in realtime. sometimes it is a little frustrating when enemys spawn directly into you or the white bird that gave you nearly no chance to escape. while the controls in angle directions are not that responsive.
#c64 #thec64 #cursedprophet

Sound and Graphics are supherb and not cheap it feels like a solid comercial c64 title and that makes everything so great and lovely. if you are into adventure and exploring with zelda kind fighting system. You cant miss this title !!! if you like this game or want to support new games on the c64 buy it on this link :

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