Lord of Dragonspire C64 NEW GAME 2020

Lord of Dragonspire is a top-down action rpg / dungeoncrawler… you move your little avatar trugh a maze of monsters. while you can pickup items that give you health, magic or items swords, keys etc. it is very easy you just jump into the action and learn by doing. the very easy and innovative control make it every user to get fast into the game.

* positive : great sound and graphics. a Dungeon of evil to slay and a hero- what do you want/need more ? 🙂

* negative : the scrolling of the top-down is a little clumsy but hey thats high level criticism.

if you want to buy this game to support more new games for you commo then please leave some money at http://www.psytronik.net/newsite/index.php/c64/124-dragonspire

thanks for watching

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