C64 NEW feb 2020 C64 Maxi Games

New stuff for your C64 Maxi in 02/2020 some Games i really like to mention and mostly preview but i like them already. Check this new releases out for feb 2020.


DDL : https://www.mediafire.com/file/94bbt3ejh1joc40/c64_games_feb.zip/file

Old Tower
WoW what a great game ! looks more like a new retro game for PC but really its on your C64. Fun to make the right moves to collect all points to open the Exit to next level.

i really love vega this mix of graphics in the background but it is to short… really to short ! i hope there are more level coming becouse the idea is fresh and it really makes fun. a real eyecandy.

it looks not that great but i really makes fun so much fun.. i really love it just hope for more level ! please !

Hell i love this Games Jump and Run with items and things to solve.. yes ! love Age of Hereos too did i already mention it ? 😀

look like a great game.. jump around on platforms and… well i dont know what to do 🙂 everything is killing me … but i feel in mood for a new good platformer

Nice Game that brings much fun and is not that hard. more of this games you can play while talking with friends or such… but it look really great

a new breakout clone never a miss 🙂



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