Shadows over Hawksmill NEW C64 GAME 2020

New c64 game in 2020 by psytronik on thec64 c64maxi. What a great Game psytronik gets better and better this game just blast me away. Maybe becouse i love the cthulhu mythos and Shadows over Hawksmill play in this universe. The Game is a little like Rocky Memphis (so if you like this or the other, check it out) but you can feel that the engine makes a jump forward.

*good reaction, just feels good and correct while moving.
*great story, nice implementation of cthulhu
*interesting puzzles (like color codes etc.)
*fresh „retail store like“ quality for your breadbin

negativ :
*a soundtrack could be ingame
*you must stand to correct over something to pick it up (a bigger hitbox would let you pickup better).
*if you dont like puzzles and prefer more action, no difficult options to adjust that….but that is really next level criticism, it is a great game so GET IT!

please support retro games and buy this great game :

i mean it serious ! there are ddl, disc and boxed editions for little money and it dont hurt you seriously…

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