Star Wars Censor Demo c64 maxi

If you want to run it on your c64 maxi you have to add _AD to the filename! Like starwars-disk1_AD.c64 as example then the c64 maxi will load it with the original 1541 floppy Rom as the fast loader!!

Capture on c64 maxi with elgato game capture :

Just a demo to watch and enjoy. As the cracker scene start adding short intros to there disks before the game loads a new subculture start. The demo scene show there skills in using the last bit on the hardware to make effects that make you think. Is that possible? So the demo subscene start with disks only of demos without games or other content. Today there are to many different types of hardware to Programm a one for all demo. But on the old systems the demo scene is still alive.

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