Project Gorgon ( mmorpg 2020 )

Project Gorgon is a classic mmorpg so you will find hint´s for your quests but must explore and find clues yourself. the graphics and sounds are not very special (but the dev. says himself he do more wroth on gameplay, story and mechanics.) VERY RARE to hear such in these days.

Gorgon feels so it is a round game with many many things to explore, even when you think that you know everything then you know only 30% of the game. Always are new Portals or secret doorways to a new Dungeon/Location or whatever. Project Gorgon has a helpful little community that help you find the right way BUT first you must try yourself to solve the quest.

The level System is more like Shroud of the Avatar aka Ultima, you have no „level“ but you have skill levels. like there is no „class“ everybody can learn everything and you can choose 2 abilities to use, even when it makes no sense it is in your hands. Like you can be a animal taming firemage or a healing hunter. whatever you like and you level this skills by using them. so you can be a firmage level 3 and swordsman level 40 and you can switch this whenever you like, but it brings nothing to fight a monster level 40 with a skill of 3 🙂 It hears worse but it makes all very much sense ingame, you can even get a animal form and be a spider/necromancer or a cow. professions are working very fine and all the game feels round and not clunky, like other early access games with mega graphics.

It is a great game if you dont care about graphics, style and sounds you will be surprised how good this game is running on mac, linux and windows.

There is a free demo (that you really should play before buy !) download and payment is over Steam so everything is secure, check it out !

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