Rift ( mmorpg 2019 ) free2play

Beauty of RIFT a forgotten mmoRPG that is still working and get still patches in 2019.

Windwos Nativ Client / MacOS over Wine.

It is a free game without montly fee or any price BUT all extras ( like a thrid bag space ) will cost money. Fast Leveling, an extra Class, Bagspace, Pets, Mounts etc.

When you can life without luxus and want a free game that is mostly like WoW, you get a good clone without spending money. The Quests are mostly all the same, go there, kill x mobs, come back. Not much change while leveling but if you like that style of game you get a nice Landscape, a instressting lore and its build on the same engine as Warhammer Online and Darkage of Camelot (gamebyro) but PVP i couldnt check out till now, maybe to less player ?

MacOS : i got it running with installing „homebrew“ over homebrew installing wine, then just starting the glyph.exe and install the game. It works fine under MacOs ElCaptain but beware to turn of multicore and switch to single core ! else it will crash at 95% loading.

What else to say, play it if you like wow classic its free and still beautyful. Maybe a nice welcome to Xmas

Gameplay of Rift 2019

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