Mario Kart C64 coming soon?

As we report before Super Mario was coded to the C64 as full Version. Now i got a new Preview d64 file of Mario Kart on the C64 ! Will it be the next rom that c64 Users can use?

race7 preview

As far i can see there are no „game options“ no time limit or any options, but hell yeah you can race with two player. That is already a great hit to get the hardware on the max !

You can download it here as d64 file and run it on your C64 or a Emulator…


Eine Antwort zu “Mario Kart C64 coming soon?

  1. Update : The coder himself tell it will be only this „tech demo“ and no full game. He have no feeling to code a full game but wanted to demonstrate that there is a 3D View possible on the C64. The same like some SNES roms have like Starfox… Sad but true. maybe someday a dude will make a full game.

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