WiiU Fever with Mario Kart 8

You can say about Nintendo whatever you want but Nintendo change the Videogame history forever with many games and products. Sometimes i get just that „Nintendo Fever“ for Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda… and there is nothing to compare. So i buy a used WiiU, the console that is failed on the market but i dont know why ? The WiiU is a great console with many features and possibles with the Gamepad, you do not even need a TV or Monitor for most Games.

Just grab your WiiU to have some peaceful time with your childhood classics as new Versions or Emulated. The WiiU have HD 1080p output, a gamepad with display/audio and is internet ready. If you really need more „real retro classics“ visit the E-shop and buy Super Mario 1,2,3 or Zelda for some euros and it will run fine over the WiiU Emulator. I buy already so many games… they are all running smooth and without lag 🙂  The best it is backward compatible with Wii Games and Wii and WiiU Games cost like nothing used right now…

Games you must have :


Whatever you say, the WiiU will always take a place in my heart.

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