Retro Games HDMI Upscale or Composite

Another Post in my life… a life of a retro gamer. The last days i made some Gameplay Videos of my favorite console Sega Saturn. I get used to Capture the Video over my Elgato Game Capture HD directly to my Laptop. So my setup was

Sega Saturn SVideo->Scart->Scart to HDMI Upscaler->Elgato Game Capture.

It was always worse for me to capture that way, because the Elgato only have a HDMI output for a LCD TV and it got very strong input Lags. like you pressing left and it needs 1-2ms to react to this command, so you push mostly to „long“ because it dont react suddenly… it makes it all messed up and special at action games or shooter 1-2ms can mean much !

i got a comment under one video that a person get angry because my video looks washed out and without scanlines very ugly. This is another problem you can’t capture Scanlines and the picture looks a little washed out, the good old days people use CRT TV and Monitors that add a additional line between each line and videogames get used to this „end product view“ so they program for a great picture with scanlines, today a capture hardware dont care about scanlines and only capture the pure signal. That all makes it messed up….

So i friend call me and give me a clue to capture directly over the Composite Signal into the Elgato Game Capture without the HDMI Upscale device between and another plus if i use a Y-splitter of the Video signal i could put it on my good old Commodore Monitor and play over it while recording. It works ! Well great it works… so i decide to make 2 Videos of Striker 1945 on Sega Saturn.

PS: when you get into it there are more and more things to read about signals and how they work, scanline filter in post and and and… well you get really crazy if you get into the detail. I think the new Solution is best for me because i can play without Lags !

Video with Upscale :

Video directly over Composite :


So what do you think ?

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