My Playstation Classic arrive

Last Week my Playstation Classic (mini) arrive and it is really mini but so cute ! it came with a hdmi cable and 2 USB Playstation Classic Controller (this without Analog Sticks). i hear that you can use this Controller on PC but not on Mac, so i can’t test it out *sad smiley* so there are some Games on the device but…

• Final Fantasy VII
• Jumping Flash!
• Tekken 3
• R4 Ridge Racer Type 4
• Wild Arms

There is already a „hack“ Bleemsync where you can load all PSX Games onto a USB Stick and add them to your collection, it gives more options like 3 options of filtering the textures. I test it out with Resident Evil2 and it works fine 🙂 After all it get very good reviews about the Hardware inside and fit will into my collection of consoles.

If you own already a Retro Pie (Raspberry Pi with Retro Pie Rom installed) it will not give you a non plus ultra BUT like i said before it adds a eye candy to your collection and you get 2 USB Controller !

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