Eternal Card Game MacOS ( free )

If you dont like Hearthstone and can’t get along with Magic the Gathering, why do you not try a mix of both ? Eternal Card Game is a Fantasy/Wild West mix Card Game that feels more like Magic, you have to play „lands“ first to play other cards from your card deck. In Hearthstone you get every round a mana another major diffrence is the attack/block phase. While in Hearthstone the attacker can choose wich target he attack, can in Eternal Card Game the attacker only choose how many creatures he will let attack and the opponent choose how to block. If the attack and the block phase is over it is still possible to spell „instant casts“ to deal more damage or destroy the blocking creature.

You see already that Eternal Cards have more strategy elements as Hearthstone but takes a little longer to master and matches will take a little bit longer.

There are many different cards with many special effects but the tutorial game let any beginner get the basics for this game. So if you like Magic the gathering and Hearthstone you should try it out ! It is like the other two card games free but you have to quest or buy more cards.

Download over Steam :

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