Fortnite MacOS ( free )

Fortnite is a game that I personally dont like so much but it get a big hype and I get asked to show a Mac gameplay for it. SOOOO the free part of Fortnite is a fast PVP Shooter with some building elements. When you buy the game, you can build and create worlds, but I think nobody cares about that part of the game.

The PVP Part is Battle Royal, it means you land with 99 other Players on a island full of weapons, the goal is to be the last survivor. I suck at such games and i don’t like them so much, yes i dont like counterstrike too.

Well if you like this kind of games then go for it ! It is free and running on MacOS over the Epic Games Launcher. I could find problems with the apple Nvidia driver it makes the game so low fps (frames per second) that it is not playable on my iMac but the Nvidia Web drivers do a great job again !

My iMac 2012 does not play it over the „apple Nvidia drivers“ but over the nividia Webdrivers it is playable but I guess you need better Hardware for a full eye candy gameplay.

Get Nvidia Web drivers for your iMac with Geforce Hardware :

Get Fortnite for Mac :

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