Warcraft 3 get its comeback MacOS

Good news for anybody who pre-buy Warcraft 3 reforged, the remake of the good old Warcraft 3. Now you can download for free the original Warcraft 3 with the lastet patch at Blizzard.

The newst patched Warcraft 3 Version 1.30.2 is now free to download for Warcraft3 reforged pre-orders. Full Screen on MacOS

Download Link : MacOs / Windows https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/warcraft3/t/1-30-2-patch-notes/1672

The Game have now a Quest Mode that you can do Questing like in World of Warcraft, Shop Systems to upgrade Weapons and many new features. Everything a classic lover will need to enjoy another wonderful hours of a real gem.

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