Hearthstone MacOS ( free )

Blizzard does very addicting games so the Card Deck Game „Hearthstone“ is a free to play online card game. Like the WoW TCG ( Trading Card Game ) you have to collect cards with different strenght to select a Card Deck of 30 Cards. Different hero classes have special cards and abilities. Like a Warrior can use more Weapons and use shield for defending Damage, a Mage can cast a fireball with 1 Damage on any target.

Every Turn you get +1 Mana to your Manapool so you can cast Monsters, Spells or Weapons with different costs. New Card Packs you can buy for „money“ or win 10 games to get 100 in game Gold to buy a pack. I strongly advice to buy the starter Pack 10 Packs + one Elite for 5euro, so you can build your first decks.

Deckbuilding needs some strategy, you should take cards with low mana costs that you can set a start pressure on your enemy but dont forget stronger cards as your enemy get more mana every round and will cast stronger spells. Another thing you should care of are „card synergy“ like cards that play well together and give a strategy. Like for a Hunter are some cards that play well with „wild animals“ so you should choose many animals to your cards, to give them more power over the game. The Rogue is a class that plays many of this cards and should not be played at begin (easy to learn, hard to master). Beginner friendly classes are Mage, Hunter, Priest. More Advanced is the Paladin and Warrior keep the Shaman, Warlock and Druid for later for a beginner they are very hard to master and it brings nothing to lose the mood after 2-3 games.

So choose one of the classes and collect cards around them to build a card deck then you can play against other players to see how good your strategy is. Try to learn how other player choose there cards and try out new cards.

It hears now very complicated but when you get into it, it is a very addicting and fast game.

Link : https://playhearthstone.com/de-de/

Shaman Deck I wanted to play this session a Shaman.


My Hunter Deck… I like my Hunter !

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