Guild Wars 2 MacOs

Guild Wars is another MMORG ( Massive Online Role Player Game ) that is a real competition against World of Warcraft. Guild Wars 1 was already a „pay onetime and play the game for free“ that was very attractive against the „pay per month“ system of WoW.

Guild Wars 2 brings always fresh content but for bigger add-ons you have to pay but you save the monthly few to play it. The game is set in a fantasy World but with more realistic graphics and can be played solo to quest and level. Bigger Raids and Dungeons can be solved as group.

Guild Wars 2 ( 2019 on my iMac 2012 )

I always join Guild Wars 2 when WoW is at a content end and I always meet nice people online at all corners of the Guild Wars 2 World. People are mostly friendly and help even without communication. Well thats another plus Guild Wars has a not soooo big but a very friendly community. The community is helping the game to develop and you dont need any big experience in RPG. The game guide you from begin to the game and explain everything by itself. I own a free Mac beta access and don’t know if it still „free for MacOS“ but it cost around 20euros here. So it is not that BIG money you have to invest !

The Engine is a real eyecandy but you need hardware for it ! My iMac 2012 with a geforce gtx660 is a minimum I would guess. When you turn the graphics even more low you will miss the great view of the game.

When you are into RPG and own the right Mac, why dont you give it a try ?

Download / Website :

Guild Wars 2 (2015 on my iMac 2007)

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