Diablo 2 in 2018 on MacOS

Diablo2 is a real all-time classic gem that invite players again to join to Quest and fight the evil. You can buy the game for only 9.00euro at blizzard and get a full MacOS Client of the Game. No need to hack around on stupid „cracks“ or anything PLUS you get the full Battle.net functions. I try it out and play again for hours on the epic game, the graphics are maybe not „up-to-date“ but a good game is a good game.

It Supports fullscreen on my 27″ iMac without black borders or anything and gives so much join.

Diablo2 is a Hack n Slay game, you move your char (Barbarian, Warlock, Monk, Mage) over the map and hack with your weapons or spells on masses of enemies. You get rewards to upgrade your Character and new spells over leveling. The Maps are always recreated new so that you will have always new Bosses and Maps to defeat.

So what else to tell ? get your dime together and join again the fight !

Link https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/family/diablo-ii

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